For Shareholders and Business Partners

For Shareholders and Business Partners

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

The 35th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was held on June 28, 2016, and 149 shareholders attended. In the venue, the Company’s initiatives during the fiscal year were explained with images. In addition, a question and answer session covered items to be reported and the agenda.

Through Investor Relations (IR) activities, the Company fairly, accurately, promptly, and continuously provides information to shareholders and other investors about results. In fiscal 2016, we held briefing sessions for analysts and institutional investors. In addition to conducting individual interviews with officers and staff responsible for IR, we also posted notices of convocation of general shareholders meeting in English on our website. We also introduced a voting exercise platform operated by Investor Communications Japan (ICJ) to enhance information dissemination to overseas shareholders and improve convenience. We will continue to focus on communication with investors.

Relationship with Business Partners and Code of Conduct

We maintain sound, healthy business relationships with our business partners by working with them in a mutually prosperous relationship that is based on close cooperation mediated by products and services. We have codified these policies in our Code of Conduct and are working to ensure thorough knowledge of it among all employees.