A Message from the President

A Message from Chairman Suzuki

The AEON Financial Service Group shares a management philosophy that guides all of its activities: support customers’ lifestyles and enable each individual to maximize future opportunities through effective use of credit. We have also codified our Basic CSR Policy and Basic Environmental Policy as the basis for promoting Group CSR activities.

In recent years, interest in environment, society and governance (ESG) has increased. AEON Financial Service believes that ESG is an intangible asset similar to its customer base or its brands. We want to enhance the value of our ESG as an intangible asset because it is relevant to increasing long-term corporate value.

This concept is the basis for the four themes that delineate our core CSR areas. These themes are offer customer-oriented financial services, realize a sustainable relationship between society and the environment, contribute to communities, and enhance corporate governance.

We offer customer-oriented financial services by putting customers first. We provide financial services unique to a financial institution in the retail business. These services are deeply relevant to the lives of our customers and offer peace of mind, convenience and value. Realizing a sustainable relationship between society and the environment involves contributing to activities that reduce environmental burden and addressing social issues. In contributing to communities, we actively support community welfare and our employees volunteer for community service in cooperation with local residents. Finally, we enhance corporate governance by appropriately making Board functions more sophisticated to increase management efficiency and transparency.

We want to undertake these initiatives with the understanding and cooperation of customers and other stakeholders. We are counting on your continued cooperation and support.

May 2020
Masaki Suzuki Representative Director and Chairman
AEON Financial Service Co.,Ltd.