AEON Financial Service
at a Glance

We want to offer customers in
Japan and Asia new affluence.

Attuned to customer lifestyles and life stages,
we enrich people’s lives through our financial services.

We provide timely financial services that are attuned
to people’s lives and relevant to their life stages.

As a comprehensive financial group, we support the daily lives of our customers.
We support the various financial needs of our customers with one-stop solutions.


  • Use

    Credit cards, e-money, installment services, ATMs

  • Save

    Deposits, time deposits

  • Borrow

    Housing loans, personal loans

  • Grow and Prepare

    Investment trusts, insurance

Global Businesses

  • Use

    Credit cards, installment services, e-money

  • Borrow

    Personal loans

  • Prepare



We offer an array of services attuned
to customer lifestyles.

For example, customers can easily consult with us on their way
to work or when they are shopping. Our credit cards and e-money services provide benefits
such as convenience and value.

We put customers first. Earning
the trust of our customers builds confidence.

We always take the perspective of customers to ensure that we put customers first.
We will accelerate growth to add to our achievements and realize our management philosophy.

Consolidated Active Cardholders

Ratio of Overseas Operating Profit

Our strengths as a comprehensive
financial group in the retail industry

We provide financial services that are linked to the AEON Group’s
sales network and the economic activities of our customers.
We will fully leverage our database using leading-edge technology to provide timely
financial services that are attuned to the individualized needs of our customers.