AEON Financial Service’s Aspirations

Any Time, Any Place, Any Situation
AEON Financial Service wants to continuously support customers’ lifestyle

Contributing to a wide range of customer lifestyles and life stages

We offer helpful, convenient and beneficial financial services
that our customers use in their daily lives to support their various financial needs.

AEON Financial Services has a strong relationship with its customers

The Group’s employees develop products and provide services from the perspective of customers. We have a strong relationship with our customers in Japan and Asia and continuously support their lives.

We use all of the data we have

We have always used the AEON Group’s stores, affiliated merchants and broad sales network as a base for making customers’ lives affluent.
We will use advanced information and communication technologies to deliver timely financial products and services that are attuned to individual customers.

An integral part of all customer economic activities

Our goal is timelessly affluent lives

Less time waiting, simple procedures, easy to understand.
We give the time customers give to us back to them through the services we provide.