Human Rights Initiatives

The AEON Basic Principles shared by all AEON Group employees stress respect for humanity. AEON Financial Service also stresses awareness of human rights at Group companies to build a corporate culture that respects humanity.

“Everything we do, we do it for our customers” is a value that underlies the AEON Code of Conduct, which embodies the basic concepts and standards of judgment for the mindset that is the basis for the day-to-day conduct of each and every employee. An objective of the AEON Group is to treat people with the utmost kindness. The AEON Code of Conduct therefore states that we respect human rights and do not discriminate for any reason, from nationality or race to gender, educational background, religion, or mental or physical disability, and that all employees must listen to their colleagues and treat one another with the respect that they themselves wish to receive.

Mandatory twice yearly human rights training for all employees is a specific initiative. We reaffirm the AEON Basic Human Rights Policy and actively ensure that all employees understand human rights correctly and deepen their understanding of them.
We set themes and conduct educational activities to eliminate discrimination and prejudice to respond to social expectations regarding various human rights issues in accordance with the standards stated in the constitution of the International Labour Organization Convention.