AEON Financial Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is "a comprehensive financial group with roots in the retail sector" which provides financial services that are closely related to customers' daily life in 11 Asian countries including Japan.

Since its establishment in 1981, we have flexibly changed our organizational structure and business model in order to respond to changes in the business environment. In Japan, we have expanded our business mainly on credit cards by leveraging the brand strength and store network held by the AEON Group.

Furthermore, through business expansion of electronic money settlement, insurance sales, banking, etc., we have established a system that can respond to diversifying customer needs.

In addition, as a Japanese financial services company, we have actively expanded our business base to overseas from an early stage. We have steadily extended our businesses in Asian countries by utilizing the expertise we have cultivated in Japan since the opening of the Hong Kong branch in 1987. We are currently promoting strategies and operations in mainly three regions, namely the China, the Mekong, and the Malay where our listed subsidiaries are located.

We are promoting strategies and business operations tailored to the growth stages of each country. Taking advantage of these uniqueness and superiority, we aim to realize the "No. 1 retail financial services company in Asia". First of all, we set a milestone to "create an ecosystem which is the closest to customers in Asia by 2025". The Company ecosystem is a term that represents the economic sphere unique to our company which combine the Aeon Ecosystem centered on retail, and customers and external partners from 11 Asian countries where customers enjoy our financial services. As a financial services business of the AEON group, the Company connects financial services and things needed for daily life, so we become an indispensable partner for customers' lives. Through this business model, we will provide the value that other financial institutions cannot offer, and the solutions which meet customer needs.

Effective from April 1, 2019, the Company implemented a transition of company structure the by transferring from a bank holding company to an operating company. Prior to the transition, AFS group adopted a bank holding company system with the Company a parent of the whole group, and we were applied the business scope regulations under the relevant business law. In an external environment in which the concept of financial services itself has changed dramatically, this reorganization was implemented in order to build a more flexible business model and to expand the business scope. In an aim to become the No.1 retail financial services company in Asia, we will continue to expand our customer base by developing innovative services utilizing the latest information and communication technologies and collaborating with companies from different industries.

We will work together as a group with a mission to put our customers first and enrich our daily lives. We extend our sincere appreciation to your continued understanding and support.