For Customers

Making Use of Customer Feedback

We value opinions, requests, and other feedback received from our customers, and we take such feedback seriously as a means to improve our business and further upgrade our services. We collect and categorize feedback received via branches, call centers, and the corporate website, and such feedback is discussed and studied, and used in efforts to further upgrade our services.

Enhancing Convenience

We are taking steps to enhance our services to make them more convenient and more focused on serving the public good. This will enable a diverse range of customers to feel comfortable using our services. In bank branches, for instance, we installed communication boards to enable customers with impaired hearing or concerns about communicating verbally to use a visual means of telling bank staff their desired transactions or procedures.

Enhancing Convenience
communication board

For customers with physical disabilitiesWe reduce fees for over-the-counter money transfers

For customers with impaired eyesightWe issue account statements in braille

For customers who find it difficult to writeWe handle housing loan applications and other paperwork read or written by a proxy on behalf of the customer

Preventing Financial Crime

AEON Bank implements various security measures so that customers can use the bank with confidence. We are committed to enabling safe, secure transaction with measures to prevent the interception of customer transaction data and fraudulent e-mails designed to obtain customer security codes. Other initiatives include measures to preclude access through identity theft and features that minimize unauthorized use.