For Employees

Creating Accommodating Workplaces

We have a system to enable motivated employees to play an active role over the long term and combine work with childbirth, childrearing, and caring for elderly relatives. We are working to encourage employees to make use of this system.

Promoting Diversity

We are creating a framework within which each employee’s individuality can be respected and a diverse range of personnel can flourish. This framework will reinforce our financial products and services developed from the customer’s perspective. We are creating an environment that is accommodating for employees regardless of gender, age or nationality.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

We conduct an annual morale survey of employees in Japan and overseas in order to create more accommodating workplaces, and revise the system using feedback from employees. In addition, we have a system for employees to take consecutive holidays and encourage employees to use their paid leave. We also promote the creation of an environment that enables employees to easily take leave for childcare and leave for caring for elderly relatives, regardless of their gender.

Our subsidiaries in Japan are proactively undertaking initiatives to obtain “Eruboshi” (L Star) marks*, which are certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Personnel Development

We believe that a workplace environment where each employee can work with high aspirations and realize self-development is important. We promote self-development and offer open-ended training so that all employees can plot their own careers.

We have established an in-house university and offer various courses to help managers and specialists excel. We also offer overseas visit seminars and joint training sessions among senior executives from Japan and overseas. In addition, we provide knowledge of our operations through workplace education. Managers and senior employees actively impart knowledge at all workplaces to nurture professionals with wide-ranging knowledge of the Group’s operations. This leads to professionals who can propose financial services that meet customer needs. The core of our personnel development is self-motivated learning. All employees are treated equally in matters including hiring, promotion and pay increases regardless of gender, nationality or disabilities.

Main Training Programs

Training Type Training Name
Training to learn necessary knowledge for entry and rotation New employee orientation
New employee follow-up training
Training at the time of appointment by qualification
Training to raise CSR awareness among all employees Code of Conduct training (twice yearly)
Human rights training (twice yearly)
Compliance training (twice yearly)
Training to improve capabilities according to position and occupation Credit operations training
Banking operations training
Job training
Training for self-actualization International courses
Specialist courses
Manager training courses
Overseas visit seminars

Recommended Acquisition of Qualifications for Career Growth

We have established various public qualifications and subsidies for certification exams so that our financial professionals can acquire solid business knowledge and expertise. We consistently promote self-development to provide customers with peace of mind and earn their trust.

Type Qualification
Shared Group qualifications Compliance Officer
Financial Planner
Personal Information Protection Professional
Eco Test
Specialized financial qualifications Financial counter service skill test
Loan operations supervisor
Securities salesperson qualification
Various life and non-life insurance qualifications
Housing loan advisor
Senior creditor
Credit obligation management professional