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Medium-Term Vision

We will build a financial platform focused on the economies of Asia.
Our objective is to become a corporate group that enriches the daily lives of local customers.

(1) Targets and Key Performance Indicators

We will improve convenience and productivity by focusing on system (IT) investment in the medium term and promoting digitization. Key performance indicators will include the ratio of bad debt allowance to ordinary income, which indicates reduction of bad debt allowance, and the ratio of personnel expenses to ordinary income, which indicates improved labor productivity. We will also grow domestic businesses while expanding businesses in Asia to increase the ratio of overseas ordinary profit to consolidated ordinary profit.
Financially, our objective is to maintain the capital ratio at the 8% level.

Management Indicator Target (Year ending March 2019)
Consolidated ordinary income +10% compared with the previous fiscal year
Bad debt allowance ratio (bad debt allowance/ordinary income) Overseas: 20%
Labor productivity (personnel expenses/ordinary income) Domestic: 16%; Overseas: 11%
Capital ratio Maintain at the 8% level

(2) Medium- and Long-Term Corporate Strategy

Focusing on building our presence in the economies of Asia, we will use new technologies in Japan and overseas to provide financial products and services that can be used throughout Asia. We will expand our network of affiliated merchants, build a financial platform that connects our customers and affiliated merchants, and promote the use of seamless settlement and services. In addition, we will expand our lineup of financial products according to conditions in the countries we serve. We will also enhance sales and marketing by using data to understand customer needs, provide them appropriate products and services, and enrich their daily lives.

Enhancing Sales and Marketing

We will collect and use data such as customer attribute information and regional information to understand customer needs according to life stage and lifestyle, and we will propose and provide timely, appropriate financial products and services that meet these needs. In addition, we will strengthen the services we provide to affiliated merchants to enable us to provide products, services, marketing and settlement services that meet the customer needs we identify. We will also expand cross-selling of products and services at our company and at affiliated merchants with the goal of enhancing our lineup of settlement and financial products aligned with the growth stage of Asian countries and customer needs.

Building a Financial Platform

We are using new technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to identify customer needs based on settlement and transaction details and provide a foundation for offering financial products and services across multiple channels. We call this our financial platform. We will build this financial platform so that we can enhance settlement convenience in order to serve more customers in more locations. This will involve strengthening the services we provide to stores, enhancing the settlement and inquiry functions we provide via mobile terminals, and adding to the lineup of peripheral financial services we provide to help households manage their finances. Our goals is to expand our lineup of real-time settlement services that are easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Raising the Efficiency of Our Businesses

We will review operating processes in existing businesses to consolidate redundant functions and increase productivity. We will also use AI and other technologies in existing businesses to enhance the efficiency of our businesses and reallocate resources to growth businesses.

Our businesses meet diversifying financial needs in Japan and Asia.




    Credit cards, e-money, installment services, ATMs



    Deposits, time deposits



    Housing loans, personal loans

  • Grow and Prepare

    Investment trusts, insurance

Global Businesses



    Credit cards, installment services, e-money



    Personal loans




Our Advantages

A Comprehensive Financial Group in the Retail Industry

Consolidated Active Cardholders
We are expanding our customer base by using the AEON Group’s platform and collaborating with retail stores in various countries.
AEON Bank operates
365 days a year
AEON Bank branches generally operate from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, so customers can stop by any day of the week and return to work or shopping.
Ratio of overseas operating profit
47 %
We are expanding in the market of financial services for individuals in Asia, which is expected to grow significantly over the medium and long term.

We are making our businesses digital in ways such as using tablet computers for applications and digital signage to explain products.
Moreover, we are adding to the functions of smartphone apps such as AEON Wallet and Passbook App that enable use anytime, anywhere.
AEON Financial Service is increasing investment in digital areas to enhance customer convenience.


Finance Receivables and Ordinary Income by Segment (Fiscal 2016)
Finance Receivables, Ordinary Income and Ordinary Profit by Segment (Fiscal 2016)

  • Finance receivables before securitization and elimination in consolidation
  • Ordinary income is income before elimination in consolidation

Consolidated Results

  • Operating revenues through fiscal 2012
  • Operating revenues through fiscal 2012

Expansion of Businesses

Credit cards Deposits Debit cards Housing loans Personal loans Installment services E-money
Pre-paid cards
Insurance agency business Leasing Short-term,
small amount insurance
(External receivables)
Hong Kong

Domestic BusinessesWe strive to provide financial products and services that have real relevance in people' daily lives.

Credit Card Business

Our Credit Cards

We offer a range of services including credit card-linked bank deposits and e-money, and offer the benefits of our services to AEON Group companies and partner companies.


AEON CARD SELECT is a multi-function card that combines the functions and benefits of a credit card, a cash card and an e-money WAON card in a single card. An additional card loan function is also available. AEON CARD SELECT offers preferential interests rates on ordinary deposits, and allows customers to accumulate WAON points each month by designating an account for direct deposit of their paycheck and by paying utility bills with their card.


COSMO THE CARD Opus offers cardholders a special member price for fuel from Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. Moreover, new cardholders receive a discount on 50 liters of fuel (maximum \500) on their first credit card statement.

Note: Some Cosmo service stations do not participate. Users should confirm.

A Growing Number of Cardholders

We are expanding the number of cardholders by recruiting them through AEON shopping centers, affiliated merchants and the Internet. We have also simplified procedures at stores and shortened the time to issue cards by accepting card applications using tablet computers. In addition, we are promoting the AEON Card (Disney design) featuring popular Disney characters to recruit people in their 20s and 30s, who will drive consumption. Moreover, we are issuing the AEON JMB Card with the G.G. logo for customers aged 55 and older. It has the usual AEON Card privileges and also facilitates the accumulation of JAL miles compared with other mileage services.

Note: The AEON Card (Disney design) has been issued since November 2014 under the JCB brand through a tie-up with JCB, the Disney design card’s master licensee.

Expanding Card Acceptance

We are adding affiliated merchants to give cardholders broad flexibility to shop with their cards within the AEON Group and at other companies. We are also complementing our credit cards by introducing new terminals for e-money including WAON and for payment via UnionPay. In addition, we are introducing Aeon Regi, which comprehensively supports e-commerce businesses with a safe, secure environment for affiliated merchants. These initiatives improve customer convenience and increase sales for affiliated merchants.

Card Use Privileges

We offer card users an array of privileges including discounts on AEON purchases and point services.

Customer Appreciation Day

Customers who use either a credit card or a WAON card to pay at AEON stores throughout Japan receive 5% on their purchases on the 20th and 30th of each month. Moreover, customers 55 and older receive 5% off their purchases on G.G. Appreciation Day on the 15th of each month.

Double “Tokimeki” Points Anytime

Customers earn two Tokimeki points for every \200 of credit purchases using an AEON Card at applicable stores of the AEON Group, including all AEON, AEON Mall, Daiei and Maxvalu stores throughout Japan.


  1. 1.Does not apply to some cards, stores and products.
  2. 2.Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other point earning plans, such as Arigato Day (10th of each month).

Installment Sales Finance Business

AEON Product Finance Co., Ltd. is in the installment sales finance business. It provides optimal finance services attuned to various aspects of people’s lives, including automobile loans to support pleasant car ownership and renovation and solar loans to support comfortable living and housing. Our branch network throughout Japan also conducts sales development that is closely aligned with communities to support sales promotion among affiliated merchants. In addition, we use the Internet for offerings that include immediate web-based auto loan review.

Note: Installment sales are a payment method that involves a credit check for each purchase of a product or service.


Banking Business

AEON Bank Branches

AEON Bank branches generally operate from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and are open daily including weekends, public holidays, the year-end/New Year holidays and the Golden Week holidays. Customers visit our branches for a variety of financial consultations and procedures while they are shopping at AEON shopping centers, regardless of the day and time. We propose financial services tailored to future financing plans and family structure in order to meet the individual needs of all customers.

Comprehensive Account

AEON Bank's comprehensive account allows the use of ordinary deposits, time deposits and savings-type time deposits. In addition, deposits in comprehensive AEON CARD SELECT accounts carry a higher bonus rate of interest.


Installed at AEON stores throughout Japan, Ministop stores, stations, airports and elsewhere, our ATMs allows customers to use their AEON CARD SELECT or AEON Bank cash card to deposit and withdraw funds free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers can also add funds to their WAON cards at our ATMs.

Housing Loans

AEON Bank's housing loans feature no guarantee charges, and no fees for partial prepayments. In addition, loan customers become members of the AEON Select Club, which provides a special everyday 5% discount on purchases at AEON Group stores. We also expanded borrowing plan options in July 2016 by offering Flat 35, a 35-year fixed-interest housing loan, at some stores. We will steadily expand the number of stores that handle these loans.

AEON Select Club issue
Various Loans

AEON Bank offers a variety of loans to meet the diverse needs of customers, including card loans, unsecured (“free”) loans, and education loans.

Asset Management

We handle a total of 46 insurance products, including individual pension insurance, whole life insurance and educational endowment insurance. Our lineup of 250 trust products is one of the largest among banks in Japan and enables us to address the investment needs of individual customers.


E-Money Business

The Group is increasing the number of places where customers can use WAON and other types of e-money, both inside and outside the Group. The use of WAON started at approximately 12,000 LAWSON stores nationwide, and WAON is now accepted for payment at AEON Group stores throughout Japan and at other locations including convenience stores, fast food outlets and major leisure facilities.

「WAON is a form of e-money administered by AEON Co., Ltd. Information including stores and affiliated merchants that accept it is available at the official WAON website


Call Center Operations

We operate the call center for credit cards and AEON Bank. The call center is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm every day of the year to respond to inquiries regarding applications, requests for materials, and other matters. The call center also leverages the phone answering system it has constructed and its expertise to serve as a call center contractor for companies outside the Group.


Insurance Agency Business and Short-Term Small Amount Insurance Business

AEON Insurance Service Co., Ltd. is in the insurance agency business and operates AEON Insurance Shops, primarily at AEON shopping centers. We have improved convenience by enabling customers to makes reservations online for visits to an AEON Insurance Shop. Lifestyles and living environments are becoming increasing diverse, so we are proposing appropriate products to meet various customer needs and providing courteous, high-quality service.

The goal of the short-term, small amount insurance business is to design products that support our customers’ lives because they are easy to understand and useful. We offer unique AEON short-term, small amount insurance products from medical insurance to pet insurance for pet health liabilities and automobile insurance. We also design products in collaboration with our partners that address market needs. Our partners market these products as their own branded products.


Leasing Business

ACS Leasing Co., Ltd. entered the leasing business in December 2015 by taking over the leasing business from The Daiei, Inc. subsidiary Japan Distribution Leasing Corporation. We are expanding this business to serve the leasing needs of the AEON Group and its associated companies.

Servicer Business

Management, Collection and Purchase of Specified Monetary Claims

We manage, collect and purchase monetary claims specified by the Act on Special Measures Concerning Claim Management and Collection Businesses, which are receivables from financial and other institutions.
Types of receivables involved include credit card debt, automobile (“my car”) loans, unsecured (“free”) loans, and housing loans.

Backup Servicing Business

This business has a consistent lineup that ranges from primary servicing (management of normal receivables) to special servicing (management and collection of delinquent loans). When originators come to us with a problem, we quickly transition to servicer operations, provide notification that the servicer has changed, and put systems in place to smoothly handle subsequent billing and collection.

Global Businesses Our goal is to build our overseas businesses as a retail finance company with the best relationship with customers in Asia.

Our Businesses

Business expansion in Asia has been a priority since we launched an overseas base in Hong Kong in 1987. We have developed overseas businesses in eleven countries in Asia: Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. We use the expertise we have cultivated in Japan to provide highly convenient financial services to customers in Asia.

Initiatives centered on Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China)

Hong Kong was our first overseas base. We established a subsidiary there in 1990 and listed it on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1995. We are adding cardholders and increasing transaction volume by recruiting cardholders and executing sales promotion plans at AEON Group stores and partner companies.
In addition, we are entering new customer segments by issuing affinity cards for airports in Japan, AEON Stores (Hong Kong), and our three AEON Credit Service subsidiaries in Asia, and by acquiring cardholders at train stations, airports and office districts. We are also promoting card use among tourists visiting Japan in ways such as executing joint marketing programs with AEON stores.

Initiatives Centered on Thailand (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos)

We established a subsidiary in Thailand in 1992. This was our second overseas base after Hong Kong and we listed it on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2001. Our business is expanding steadily. We are acquiring cardholders at retail stores in Thailand and increasing the number of cardholders in ways such as issuing a finance card with ticketing and e-money functions in an alliance with BTS Group Holdings, which operates an elevated railway in Bangkok. We are also promoting card use by distributing bonus coupons to tourists traveling to Japan from Bangkok through business partner Thai Airways. These coupons can be used at AEON Stores in Japan. Moreover, we are leveraging our credit business expertise to aggressively build our insurance, leasing and servicing businesses.
We are primarily involved in the installment services business in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. We entered the credit card business in October 2015 after becoming the first Japanese company to receive a specialized banking license from Cambodia’s central bank, the National Bank of Cambodia.

Initiatives Centered on Malaysia (Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Philippines)

We established a subsidiary in Malaysia as our third base in Asia in 1996. We listed it on Bursa Malaysia in 2007. We are adding cardholders and expanding transaction volume by acquiring cardholders via the AEON Group and conducting joint programs with business partners. In addition, we are expanding the scope of our business in ways such as issuing an affinity card for AEON BiG Malaysia that also has point capabilities. We are also digitalizing stores to improve customer service and realize low-cost operations. We are aggressively going paperless with the use of tablet computers and digital signage.
In Indonesia, we began issuing credit cards from 2013 and are working on acquiring cardholders via partner companies. In India and the Philippines, we are expanding our network of stores that use our installment services.


Financial Highlights

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