Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy (Basic Policy on Information Security)

AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd. sets forth its purpose as “Our purpose is to bring ‘finance’ closer to everyone. By committing to each and every person, we brighten up everyday lives with peace of mind and smiles,” and provides products and services of value as a comprehensive financial group. Along with this, AEON Financial Service appropriately manages the personal information in its possession, recognizes the social responsibility placed on it with the use of such information, and makes every effort to proactively and continuously protect personal information.

  • 1. AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) has established and publicly released a privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) to communicate its approach to protecting and properly handling personal information (including the Individual Number and personal information containing the Individual Number (collectively “Specific Personal Information, Etc.”)). The Privacy Policy is one of the Basic Policies, which are the Company’s most important internal regulations.
  • 2. In light of the importance of protecting personal information, the Company complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Protection Act”), the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure (“My Number Act”), and other related laws and regulations including guidelines, as well as the Company’s internal regulations including this Privacy Policy, and strives to properly protect and handle personal information.
  • 3. The Company obtains personal information through appropriate and lawful means, and only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use. The Company collects and retains Specific Personal Information, Etc. only when stipulated by the My Number Act.
  • 4. The Company specifies the purposes of use of personal information, and handles such information within the scope of said purposes of use. In addition, the Company takes measures to ensure that personal information is not used beyond the scope of said purposes of use. In cases where the purposes of use of personal information are separately restricted by the Personal Information Protection Act, the My Number Act, or other laws and regulations, the Company does not use such information beyond the scope of said purposes of use. The Company’s purposes of use of personal information are published in “Handling of Personal Information” and elsewhere.
  • 5. The Company does not provide personal information to any third party, with the exception of cases where the person in question has provided their consent in advance, and where provision of personal information is based on laws and regulations. With the exception of cases stipulated in the My Number Act, the Company does not provide Specific Personal Information, Etc. to any third party.
  • 6. The Company implements measures to ensure proper, secure management of the personal information in its possession to prevent unauthorized access, loss, alteration, or leaks of personal information, and revises and modifies employee education, internal systems, system security, and other measures on an ongoing basis.
  • 7. When outsourcing the handling of personal information in its possession, the Company selects companies that sufficiently ensure protection of personal information and concludes agreements for the protection of personal information. The Company provides only the minimum necessary personal information to outsourcing partners, and supervises their personal information protection systems appropriately.
  • 8.  In its personal information protection management system, the Company establishes internal regulations, puts in place and operates a framework, and periodically audits and revises it, taking all available measures to ensure continuous compliance and improvement.
  • 9. The Company conducts trainings and education on the importance of personal information protection for executives and employees in order to handle personal information appropriately.
  • 10. Various useful information is sent by the Company and companies that partner with the Company via direct mail and other means. However, if a recipient does not wish to receive such information, processes to stop this are promptly taken upon request.
  • 11. The Company manages the personal information in its possession according to the purposes of use and maintains it in an accurate and up-to-date state within the necessary scope. In cases of a request to disclose, correct, or otherwise process the information, the Company promptly corrects information in the unlikely event of an error.
  • 12. The Company promptly, appropriately, and in good faith addresses complaints, consultations, and other matters regarding personal information.

Established April 1, 2013
Amended June 1, 2023

Kenji Fujita, President and CEO
TERRACE SQUARE, 3-22 Kandanishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054
AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd.